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And why is it highly likely that the use of chemical weapons in Syria is US ruse? This article outlines a few very clear and obvious reasons citing western mainstream media.


These articles by debkafile are interesting. According to them, Assad said he would consider the attack on Syria by the US as originating from Israel and will respond accordingly. Is Israel confident that it can prevent Syrian rocket attack? Or is the government of Israel ready to sacrifice its own people?

The highest commanders of the US, UK, French, German, and Italian militaries along with totalitarian Arab Suni states of Saudi Arabia, Quatar, and Jordan are meeting in Jordan for the last meeting before the attack on Syria. If Syria waits until the bombs start raining it may not have a chance and from its view, it should start the conflict that is unavoidable at its own timing and terms. Or Assad will end up like Sadam and Gadhafi that too waiting until the US invaded.

The US and world economy will tank and Obama and Democrats and Western governments should be removed from power. Bankrupt governments ready to borrow more to start new wars until their houses explode. The problem is that there is no real opposition anywhere in the “democratic” world. The only response the people have is a revolution.


London, Jan 30 (ANI): The Obama administration gave green signal to a chemical weapons attack plan in Syria that could be blamed on President Bashar al Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country, leaked documents have shown.

But who would attack their own people? Al-Qaida would. Now they are America’s allies again. Dejavu Osama bin Laden.

The US accused Syrian government of using chemical weapons. The source of the accusation was … the rebels! Now that is a very independent and disinterested source that should be trusted with accusations that their opponent, Syrian government did what Obama said would start US aggression against Syria.

But what if Assad used the chemical weapons? Is killing with conventional weapons OK but with chemical weapons not?

The US has the biggest world arsenal of WMDs: nuclear, chemical, and biological. It is also the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons against a civilian population or against any country for that matter. Why does US have those weapons? To use them. Why other countries cannot use them in their own self-preservation? If Soviet Union had attacked, would not US have used them, too? Would that “crossed somebody’s line”?

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A few observations:

US invasion will happen without Egypt that is now against Islamic Caliphate and Otoman Empire that the US is so desperatel trying to recreate in the Middle East.

US invasion will be limited as long as Syria surenders. If not, the US will be forced to increase its involvement, in self defense of course.

US may try to set up a Druze bantustan on Israeli and Jordanian border to prevent Al-Qaida reaching those countries. The experience with South Lebanon border zone that was manned by Lebanese Christians and run by Israel and then abandoned suggests that it will not work long term.

Turkey will start re-establishing Otoman empire, starting with Syria. That will help Turkish government to refocus citizens from worsening economy and unemployment at home. But they will only import more chaos home.

Nobel Peace Laureate’s adventure will make Americans to forget not only the bad economy that is not improving 5 years after the crash but also that the whole country is under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

If successful, the US will cause removal the ancient Christian population from Syria and help masacre Alawites. Of course, because of no boots on the ground, Barak will be innocent of war crimes committed by Al-Qaida against minorities in Syria.

Syrian moslems will long after the times when Asad family ruled, so good the new rulers will be.

Israel will long after the times when Asad family ruled, so good the Al-Qaida on its border will be.

First Iraq that is in constant chaos after US troops withdrew. Sunni rule was replaced by Shia rule. US involvement led to half of its ancient, pre-muslim population Christian population to leave. al-Qaeda of Levant has now bases in the Sunni areas od Iraq and expanding into Syria.

Then came Libya where gangs of “militia” effectively rule parts of the country while the “government” has no power. Powerful Misrata militias were said to persecute darker Libyans and other tribes they dislike. Everybody shooting at everybody. And US ambassador Stevens killed by those US supported against Gadhafi under still somewhat foggy circumstances.

Now Syria. “Alawites into grave and Christians to Lebanon” say those that US arms. If Assad goes, that’s what will happen.

In Egypt, a unholly alliance of the likes of Obama and McCain became really agitated when the population-supported military removed an islamic government that was trying to institute an islamic dictatorship. The argument that a democratically elected government is always a good thing does not work when that government does not obey universal rights, as the history of 1930s Germany clearly demonstrates.

Each of these countries was ruled by a dictator that kept peace among its various religious and tribal groups and provided for basic needs to prevent a revolt. Then came the first revolt in Tunisia caused by high food prices which in turn were at least partially caused by burning food in Western countries (yes, burning corn to supplement gasoline led to higher food prices, in addition to China and India population getting wealthier and eating more).

Democracy is meant to allow people to vote for ideas how to run their country but in multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-tribal Arab countries it only means that a more populous groups can “democratically” oppress other groups.

The result will be decades up upheaval, inter-communal hatred and distrust, and millions of refugees full of hate and bitterness entering the US and Europe. If you doubt it, look for the former Yugoslavia where inter-ethnic and inter-religious marriages were once common.
Nobody is a winner, except for the asylum patients living in Brussels and Washington laughing on the way to their shrink.

It seems that Syrian Free Army is not only not free but even not Syrian. Out of some 20,000 SFA members mentioned by the West, at least 15,000 are from other countries and mostly associated with Al-Qaida, says Russian UN deputy ambasador with the goal to kill “heretics” (others than Sunny). That includes Alawite and Christians.

Finally something is happening again… But what is really happening?!

After more than six months of showing a total incompetence and inability to hold land even with the help of unrelenting “humanitarian” bombing by the militarily strongest countries of the world – US, UK, and France, the “rebels” suddenly defeated Gadhafi and occupied Libyan capital Tripoli. How can that be?

One reason was mentioned in the news: The commander of a battalion defending the city from the west switched sides. But one battalion is not enough. As this Yahoo article says, “the swift military advance of recent days revived questions about the shadowy role of foreign special forces on the ground”. Most likely Egyptian special forces that were reported active since the beginning of Libyan “revolt”. Now that makes sense and fits the character of this Libyan civil war: the rebels are dancing and celebrating a victory won by somebody else.

How does this victory look like?

The US government, namely Obama, is busy “dancing” with the rebels while conveniently “forgetting” that with his help, Al-Qaida got access to advanced weapons including chemical weapons. ‘In particular, we must ensure that Gaddafi’s stockpiles of advanced weapons, chemical weapons and explosives don’t fall into the wrong hands.’ Sure. More weapons in the hands of Al-Qaida will justify more police state, Homeland Security, and weapon sales by the military-industrial complex. And that is a good business!

After a short time being off-air, the TV station is back under Gadhafi’s control. “The network reverted to taped broadcasts of previous pro-Gadhafi gatherings.”

The “rebels” have announced that they captured three Gadhafi’s sons but one of them (Mohammed) escaped and another “arrested” son, Saif al-Islam that was reportedly in rebels’ hands is also in safety.

Saif al-Islam, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who rebels and the International Criminal Court said had been arrested, arrived late on Monday at the Tripoli hotel where foreign reporters are staying. Saif appeared at the Rixos Hotel late at night and spoke to foreign journalists there.

Could they even hold Gadhafi if they managed to catch him?

In the meantime, the fighting in Tripoli resulted in “1,300 people … killed and about 5,000 wounded in fighting in the previous 12 hours”. (It is Gadhafi’s news but that seems more accurate than repeating western mantra that Gadhafi left Libya. Where would he go now that he is indicted by “international community”? He has nowhere to go.

A final word: Gadhafi and Libya may be defeated. After all, it is a tiny, backward nation of 5 million people and it against US, UK, and France. He does not seem to have a chance. But every day he lasts, he is the winner.

Rehearsal for Syria.

Madman calls for another war, a good reason to increase the debt limit that Obama is asking for?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) who has not found a war he would not like yet said Sunday that it’s time to consider international intervention in Syria.

I am just wandering, what kind of people live in his voting district and keep him in Congress. Are they all military and oil contractors or do they want to destroy America for fun?

Finally America Exports Something

It is not manufactured goods though but Arab Spring Made in America. The spontaneous uprising of Arab peoples is but.
The Obama administration is leading a global effort to establish “shadow” Internet and cellphone systems to help “dissidents” (including Al-Qaida allies and other fundamentalist Islamic movements) undermine Arab governments, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

“The State Department is also financing creation of stealth wireless networks to enable activists to communicate beyond the reach of governments in countries like Iran, Syria and Libya, the Times said, citing participants in the projects.”

Could they build one network also in the US so we could get from under the AT&T’s and Verizon’s tyrany?