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Libyan war did not make sense, we thought but maybe it does?!

What if the true goal of the Libyan war is to make Iranians hell bent on developing nuclear deterrent and thus giving the US government a good reason to attack Iran? Because one thing is sure, the Libyan example will make countries start the nuclear bomb development and no countries that started it will abandon it.

It is obvious that if Libya had a bomb, Gadhafi would not have been attacked.


The news from Japan about the nuclear plant meltowns are scary but compared to what is coming it may be remembered as only an unimportant episode.

Certainly, Washington’s policy of peaceful nonproliferation where it matters most is dead.

“In 2003 Qaddafi struck a deal with the US and Great Britain allowing the longtime international pariah to rejoin the international community in exchange for renouncing terrorism and giving up WMD programs. As part of the deal, the Libyan government is believed to have made good the following year on its promise to turn over nuclear materials including thousands of centrifuges, parts for a nuclear weapon, and an advanced bomb design.”

‘North Korea was even more direct than Iran in addressing the “lessons” of Libya. Calling the deal the US extended to Qaddafi in 2003 “an invasion tactic to disarm the country,” Pyongyang’s Foreign Ministry declared this week that Libya’s nuclear dismantlement “turned out to be a mode of aggression whereby the [US] coaxed [Libya] with such sweet words as ‘guarantee of security’ and ‘improvement of relations’ to disarm, and then swallowed it up by force.”’

‘Looking beyond the immediate crisis to US nonproliferation goals, Mr. Bandow, the senior fellow at Washington’s Cato Institute, paints a bleak picture for President Obama’s vision of a world without nuclear weapons.

“The US government’s aggressiveness has demonstrated yet again that the only sure protection against American military action is possession of nuclear weapons,” he says. “Washington’s policy of peaceful nonproliferation where it matters most is dead.” ‘