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Cry for help.

With the recent plans of the Serbian government to accept Albanian customs officers on the line between Kosovo and the rest of Serbia, Kosovo Serbs have realized that they are doomed and will have to either leave their ancestral lands or accept daily terrorism of the human organs-trading Thaci and his government. Both their own government and EU/US “human rights” organizations have abandoned them. Even sympathetic governments in Romania and Slovakia won’t do anything that could make US and Germany angry. The only help if any can come from Russia.


Russia has in the past granted Russian citizenship to ethnic Russians living in the former soviet republics to increase its influence in those republics and defend its interests. For example in Crimea, it used this strategy to convince Ukrainians that they should not try to evict Russian fleet from Crimea’s deep see ports. In South Ossetia, Russia qualified Georgian attack as an attack against its own citizens and a reason to intervene.

Impact on Europe

The impact on Europe could potentially be very significant. The question is what Russia would do if its (Serbian) citizens came under attack as they inevitably will. Compared to its “Near Abroad”, Kosovo and Serbia are surrounded by countries that follow US orders and therefore a direct military help is implausible.

It seems that Russian government itself is unsure what granting Russian citizenship would mean for it and therefore is “studying the applications” according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Opportunity for Russia

While Russia will not get involved militarily, it could use the Kosovo Serb citizenships to increase its diplomatic and humanitarian involvement and prevent US and EU from consolidating their gains in Balkans and Serbia. It could essentially freeze the conflict and get a lever on those in EU that for the lack of other challeges feel like medling in Russia’s periphery.

Threat to pro-US/EU Serbian elites

Serbian citizens have grudgingly accepted that they lost the war and Kosovo and they cannot do anything about it and largely stopped supporting pro-Kosovo parties. If Russia stops Serb loses in Kosovo, Serbs may think that Kosovo (or at last the northern part of it) is not necessarily lost and elect pro-Kosovo parties like Kostunica’s DS. Those parties could be more forceful in defending Kosovo Serbs and make Germany and US positions in Kosovo painful. The standoff could also impact other countries in the region.

Russia could build it position awaiting a possible EU and US economic (and maybe also political) breakdown.


More than 1,000 Serbs have been murdered in Kosovo since June 1999 – when the war ended and international forces were deployed in the province.

“almost nobody” was charged and put on trial for those crimes.

Turkish public prosecutor requested a 171-year prison sentence for Turkish doctor Yusuf Sonmez, accused of involvement in human organ trafficking in Kosovo.

“The improvised Medicus clinic in Priština is also mentioned in Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty’s report on trade in organs of kidnapped and imprisoned civilians in Kosovo during the war 12 years ago, which qualified Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci as the first link in the criminal chain.
EULEX formed a special team to handle the investigation based on the Marty report.”
But the head of the investigation is an American who was in charge of “justice” in Kosovo when it was happenning.

“Protected Witness” Killed in Germany

An Albanian wanted to tell what he knew about KLA crimes during the “just war” but suprise, surprise, he did not live long enough. That Germany armed and trained KLA and his testimony would not be “helpful” to the government must be considered as well as a fact that witnessess against KLA “freedom fighters” have been killed before and perpetrators were not found either.

Very convenient. And how shocking!

In Libya, Sirte, NATO is pulverizing the city as much as it can to “protect civilians”. Still not enough and “rebels” cannot win. But civilians are starving. NATO and rebels are really winning hearts of Sirte people on the road to democracy. But is not democracy when people do not want to be occupied by foreign tribes?

In Serbia, NATO and EU occupational force (called sometimes NATO and sometimes EULEX) is shooting with live amunition at unarmed demonstrators that are throwing rocks in self defense against buldozers. They sure could not shoot at people in EU or US but Serbs are certainly not human and so it is OK. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they meekly accept what the Sultan (or is Obama Cesar?) decides for them?

Now that the international community backed by US decided that Operation Storm was a war crime and awarded Croatian generals who led it long prison terms due to their “command responsibility”, let’s see what happens with MPRI trial in Chicago. As a reminder, MPRI organized and planned Operation Storm as a hired hand of Croatian government.

Quote below:
“On April 15 the Hague Tribunal sentenced Gotovina to 24 and Markač to 18 years in prison for war crimes during the Operation Storm and participation in the joint criminal enterprise aimed at forcibly and permanently expelling the Serbs from the Republic of Serb Krajina.”

As mentioned in another post, MPRI, a US outfit staffed by retired US generals, were in charge of the whole operation as “advisors” and carry as much responsibility.

“A private U.S. defense contractor “trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan,” which killed or displaced more than 200,000 Serbs in 1995, in the largest European land offensive since World War II, the Genocide Victims of Krajina say in Chicago Federal Court. They demand billions of dollars in damages from MPRI, founded by U.S. military officers who were “downsized” at the end of the Cold War, and L-3 Communications, which bought MPRI for $40 million in 2000.”

But don’t hold your breath on seeing them punished. After all, they are Americans in service of the government (which used them as a cover when there was a UN embargo on such help) and they could spill a lot of uncomfortable truth.

UN says, we f-up in Ivory Coast by supporting the rebels: “The top U.N. human rights official expressed concern on Wednesday over acts of violence allegedly carried out by members of Ivory Coast’s new army, including reports of summary executions, rape and torture.”
There is no need for “alleging” – there are significant French forces on the ground that can confirm it if they just wanted to.

Another member of the U.N. commission, Suliman Baldo, said concern about “one-sided victory justice” was well-founded. “Those who are under investigation currently, either by the military prosecutor or by the civilian prosecutor, are all from the former officials of the government of Laurent Gbagbo,” Baldo told a news conference.

They are just following US example after wars in Balkans (Bosnia and Serbia / Kosovo) by enforcing victor’s justice. Why should it be different in Ivory Coast?

As a reminder, UN troops actively helped these nice “rebels” to defeat the Ivory Coast government of Gbagbo.

Good job, UN. You can be proud of your achievements.

The new NATO member and a candidate for EU membership is enjoying their national pass time, brawling and shooting on the way to “free” elections.

“Less than four months after opposition anger over contested national elections triggered deadly clashes with police, Albanians vote for local authorities on Sunday — at the close of a campaign marred by bombings and political violence.

Half a dozen candidates have suffered beatings or had their cars or homes targeted in explosions, the latest of which injured an opposition candidate on Thursday, and about 400 international observes will be monitoring Sunday’s voting.

Political rivalry in the small Balkan country of 4.2 million is intense, and four opposition Socialist supporters were shot dead when a mass demonstration turned violent in late January. Prime Minister Sali Berisha has repeatedly rejected opposition calls for his governing Democrats to resign over claims of corruption and vote-rigging in the 2009 general elections.”

Good luck!

Indeed, U.S. involvement in this conflict is simply stupid. The stakes are minimal, the objectives are confused, the benefits are negligible, the resources are inadequate, the costs are excessive, and the consequences are dangerous. A month ago the president was right to reject the use of ground forces. Today he should end U.S. participation in Libya’s civil war.” (Doug Bandow)

Clinton compares Libya campaign to 1999 Kosovo and she is right:

In that war another Clinton accused Serbs of “allegedly” killing 100,000 Albanian men that were all later found. But not before NATO started bombing Serbs.

Another “Just” War

It seems like the US, UK, France, and NATO really know how to select a just cause and righteous allies. That gives a great confidence that in Libya, too, we are on the right side.

It is coming out that the leader of Kosovo Albanian guerilla army KLA Hashim Thaci, for which the US and NATO provided a close air support in 1999 (that means bombing), has also been a leader of Albanian organized crime involved in human trafficking / prostitution, weapons, and drugs smugling in Europe.

No doubt, those endeauvors were greatly helped by European countries’ grants of asylum to thousands of his compatriots from Kosovo.

Most recently, Dick Marty, a Council of Europe rapporteur and a Swiss senator alleged that ‘Mr. Thaci ran an organised crime ring during and after the Kosovo Albanian guerrilla war for independence from Serbia in the late 1990s.

Mr Marty said that Mr Thaci’s group killed opponents and trafficked in drugs and organs taken from murdered Serbs.”‘

As said, it feels good to be on the right side.