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UN says, we f-up in Ivory Coast by supporting the rebels: “The top U.N. human rights official expressed concern on Wednesday over acts of violence allegedly carried out by members of Ivory Coast’s new army, including reports of summary executions, rape and torture.”
There is no need for “alleging” – there are significant French forces on the ground that can confirm it if they just wanted to.

Another member of the U.N. commission, Suliman Baldo, said concern about “one-sided victory justice” was well-founded. “Those who are under investigation currently, either by the military prosecutor or by the civilian prosecutor, are all from the former officials of the government of Laurent Gbagbo,” Baldo told a news conference.

They are just following US example after wars in Balkans (Bosnia and Serbia / Kosovo) by enforcing victor’s justice. Why should it be different in Ivory Coast?

As a reminder, UN troops actively helped these nice “rebels” to defeat the Ivory Coast government of Gbagbo.

Good job, UN. You can be proud of your achievements.


Will Sarkozi end up at Hague for atrocities committed by Ivorian troops that France trained, armed, and directly helped in overthrowing the previous government of Lauren Gbagbo? (Of course not, justice is only for losers.)

“Ouattara forces attacking Ivorian civilians”, UN says

“President Alassane Ouattara armed forces are launching attacks in Ivory Coast’s southern and western regions, areas that supported ex-president Laurent Gbagbo following a disputed election last year, the UN mission to the country said Thursday.”

It looks like the “democratically elected” usurper is not supported by the people and soldiers need to “convince” them about the greater good awaiting them (and French companies) from the new pupet government. But the UN had hand in that, too, so they should not try to look righteous now.

“Renegade warlord Ibrahim “IB” Coulibaly’ was badly beaten and then shot in the heart by former allies turned enemy, his top aide said late Thursday.”

“Gbagbo was captured by French special forces, who took him to the Golf Hotel,” Gbagbo spokesperson Alain Toussaint, who is based in France, told reporters in Paris.

“It was a coup d’état which had no other aim but to gain control of the resources of Ivory Coast,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, massacres by France- and UN-allied rebels continue unabated despite Gbagbo being arrested.

Human Rights Watch said ‘forces loyal to Outtara killed hundreds of civilians, burned at least 10 villages and summarily raped women from an ethnic group perceived to be loyal to Gbagbo.’

“Fighters often targeted people by ethnicity, and the attacks disproportionately affected those too old or feeble to flee,” said a report e-mailed late yesterday by the New York- based group. “Dozens of women were also detained for a day or longer and repeatedly raped.”

Is it necesary to say that it is being committed by followers of the religion of peace? Sarkozi must be proud.

The French were chased away by Gbagbo’s forces in Abidjian.

‘It had appeared several days ago that Mr. Gbagbo was on the verge of defeat but the upscale Plateau and Cocody areas of Abidjan are now fully in the control of his forces.

UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said late on Friday that Mr Gbagbo’s followers had in fact made strong gains.’

Adding to the past masacres, another 100 bodies were found in a rebel controlled city.

“On Friday, the United Nations announced the discovery of more than 100 additional bodies in the nation’s west, in areas that Mr. Ouattara’s forces took as they swept toward Abidjan.

The dead were members of an ethnic group that supports Mr. Gbagbo, and the killings — coming after the deaths of hundreds of people in a western town controlled by forces loyal to Mr. Ouattara — have cast a shadow on Mr. Ouattara’s beginnings as president.

‘The reports that the U.N. human rights team in Côte d’Ivoire are sending back are utterly horrifying,’ the United Nations’ human rights commissioner, Navi Pillays, said in a statement.
‘They are finding more bodies every day,’ she said, noting that more than 100 were found in the towns of Duékoué, Blolequin and Guiglo.”

What is more horrifying is that UN and France are directly responsible through “command responsibility” by helping those perpetrators.

‘The United Nations said Blolequin was now a “dead town,” with its population gone, and the town thoroughly looted.

Some of the victims appear to have been burned alive, and some bodies had been thrown down a well, a United Nations spokesman said in Geneva. Human Rights Watch also found evidence of “heinous violence” by troops allied with Mr. Ouattara on a trip to the region, a researcher for the organization, Matt Wells, said Friday.

In one case, 20 elderly and immobile people from the pro-Gbagbo Guerre ethnic group were executed, and in Duékoué, fighters loyal to Mr. Ouattara pulled men and children out of homes “and executed them at point-blank range,” Mr. Wells said.’

Sarkozi must be proud.

Are French and UN losing in Abidjan?

Forces loyal to Mr. Gbagbo have also regained ground in Abidjan and taken control of the neighborhoods of Plateau and Cocody, the United Nations peacekeeping chief, Alain Le Roy, admitted late Friday afternoon.

In another sign France and UN are losing, Gbagbo’s RTI television, silent since french and UN bombardments earlier this week, came back on air broadcasting an appeal for resistance.

War Crimes by Rebels

Ouattara’s troops have already killed at least 1,000 civilians in western Ivory Coast. Now they are going door to door in Abidjan searching for members of Mr. Gbagbo’s ethnic group in an ominous cycle of vengeance and retribution.

Who are the rebels in Ivory Coast?

‘Mr. Ouattara’s army is a ragtag collection of former rebels from the 2002 uprising that split the country, fighters from independent militias and defectors from Mr. Gbagbo’s forces. Northern Ivory Coast has been a virtual independent state since the civil war, under the sway of 10 rebel commanders who have run the region as a quasi-racketeering enterprise that “resembles a warlord economy,” a United Nations group of experts concluded in 2009. The men under those commanders “have spent years doing exactly what they wanted in the north. They are going to continue,” said Mr. Banegas.’

Command responsibility

The principle of “command responsibility” makes the “little Napolen” guilty of war crimes. Will he see his day in a court one day?

So it is black on white: Ouattara could not defeat Gbagbo and needed French and UN intervention to gain power. That will make it hard to explain why he is not a French stooge. Especially when he worked in IMF and lived in Europe most of his life.

It was a dark irony that in the end, Ouattara's forces were only able to pierce the city's limit with the help of an international force that included French troops.

And he is afraid of people he so much wanted to rule.

France and UN finally admitted what was obvious for so long: the rebels armed and trained by France could not win without an open military intervention. What did it prove? That France is stronger than some jungle people or that Ouattara does not have enough popular support?

The “military” targets attacked by UN and France included, among others, the state TV!

“The 65-year-old former history professor dug in, using state television to disseminate historic footage of France’s past abuses in Africa, presenting Ouattara as a foreign puppet, and attempts to install him as an international conspiracy led by France and the U.N.”

How could anybody say such a thing! How shocking!

“Many people in Abidjan have not left their homes since last Wednesday, when Ouattara’s fighters arrived on the perimeter of the city, and heavy clashes ensued.”

Sounds like Ouattara’s forces are threatening civilians, not Gbagbo.

Pro-Outtara muslim fighters supported by UN (specifically by US and France) were “accused” of many attrocities during civil war about a decade ago. Now that they are invading south of Ivory Coast (christian), they are perpetrating mass murders of civilians.

Must be making muslim Obama proud.

Command Responsibility
ICC in Hague established a doctrine of “command responsibility” which means that whoever arms and supports those who commit attrocities is guilty of them. It has been applied to wars in Balkans in 90s and elsewhere. According to this “command responsibility”, Outtara, Obama, and Sarkozi are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. And Hillary too.

“FDS positions were attacked by hordes of mercenaries, supported by ONUCI (UN mission) soldiers and Licorne,” he said, referring to the French troops stationed in the former French colony.