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First Iraq that is in constant chaos after US troops withdrew. Sunni rule was replaced by Shia rule. US involvement led to half of its ancient, pre-muslim population Christian population to leave. al-Qaeda of Levant has now bases in the Sunni areas od Iraq and expanding into Syria.

Then came Libya where gangs of “militia” effectively rule parts of the country while the “government” has no power. Powerful Misrata militias were said to persecute darker Libyans and other tribes they dislike. Everybody shooting at everybody. And US ambassador Stevens killed by those US supported against Gadhafi under still somewhat foggy circumstances.

Now Syria. “Alawites into grave and Christians to Lebanon” say those that US arms. If Assad goes, that’s what will happen.

In Egypt, a unholly alliance of the likes of Obama and McCain became really agitated when the population-supported military removed an islamic government that was trying to institute an islamic dictatorship. The argument that a democratically elected government is always a good thing does not work when that government does not obey universal rights, as the history of 1930s Germany clearly demonstrates.

Each of these countries was ruled by a dictator that kept peace among its various religious and tribal groups and provided for basic needs to prevent a revolt. Then came the first revolt in Tunisia caused by high food prices which in turn were at least partially caused by burning food in Western countries (yes, burning corn to supplement gasoline led to higher food prices, in addition to China and India population getting wealthier and eating more).

Democracy is meant to allow people to vote for ideas how to run their country but in multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-tribal Arab countries it only means that a more populous groups can “democratically” oppress other groups.

The result will be decades up upheaval, inter-communal hatred and distrust, and millions of refugees full of hate and bitterness entering the US and Europe. If you doubt it, look for the former Yugoslavia where inter-ethnic and inter-religious marriages were once common.
Nobody is a winner, except for the asylum patients living in Brussels and Washington laughing on the way to their shrink.


Turkish public prosecutor requested a 171-year prison sentence for Turkish doctor Yusuf Sonmez, accused of involvement in human organ trafficking in Kosovo.

“The improvised Medicus clinic in Priština is also mentioned in Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty’s report on trade in organs of kidnapped and imprisoned civilians in Kosovo during the war 12 years ago, which qualified Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci as the first link in the criminal chain.
EULEX formed a special team to handle the investigation based on the Marty report.”
But the head of the investigation is an American who was in charge of “justice” in Kosovo when it was happenning.

Now that the international community backed by US decided that Operation Storm was a war crime and awarded Croatian generals who led it long prison terms due to their “command responsibility”, let’s see what happens with MPRI trial in Chicago. As a reminder, MPRI organized and planned Operation Storm as a hired hand of Croatian government.

Quote below:
“On April 15 the Hague Tribunal sentenced Gotovina to 24 and Markač to 18 years in prison for war crimes during the Operation Storm and participation in the joint criminal enterprise aimed at forcibly and permanently expelling the Serbs from the Republic of Serb Krajina.”

As mentioned in another post, MPRI, a US outfit staffed by retired US generals, were in charge of the whole operation as “advisors” and carry as much responsibility.

“A private U.S. defense contractor “trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan,” which killed or displaced more than 200,000 Serbs in 1995, in the largest European land offensive since World War II, the Genocide Victims of Krajina say in Chicago Federal Court. They demand billions of dollars in damages from MPRI, founded by U.S. military officers who were “downsized” at the end of the Cold War, and L-3 Communications, which bought MPRI for $40 million in 2000.”

But don’t hold your breath on seeing them punished. After all, they are Americans in service of the government (which used them as a cover when there was a UN embargo on such help) and they could spill a lot of uncomfortable truth.

Serbian government took Ratko Mladic per his request to the grave of his daughter for a couple of minutes. The daughter that the media say committed a suicide and he says was assasinated.
Sounds like Tadic (smartly) wants to earn some points with the Serbian voters.

Telegraph writes that SAS did not dare to snatch him before he went into hiding, afraid of his bodyguards. It also says that the arrest was staged by Serbian government and a result of year-long negotiations that included British, French, and German secret services.

That would sound like Ratko needed a medical care and so he negotiated his surrender.

Then maybe all this conspirational talk is a bull which would better fit with claims by his family and lawyer that he is not fully aware of what’s going on.

Ratko Mladic is an accused war criminal. But consider this:

The real Srebrenica Genocide . (Warning: pictures on this linked page may be unsuitable for viewing by some people as they show tortured bodies and heads severed by jihadists.)

It also shows President Clinton attending the unveiling of an Arabic-inscribed monument dedicated to fallen al Qaeda Mujahedeen fighters in Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia.

Why is Clinton bowing to this monument?

3,870 Serbian elderly men, women and young children in and around the town of Srebrenica were massacred by Naser Oric’s Moslem forces before Ratko Mladic stopped it.

This article claims that Bill Clinton received $250,000 for his attendance and bow. That would make sense, financially.

Here is more reading on those events for those who want to learn beyond the sound bites served by mass media.

A summary of what is undisputed and what is disputed is here. And this blog writes about some westerners involved say about Srebrenica and Serbs. Generals Morillon and MacKenzie commanded UN peace keeping troops in Bosnia and Lord Owen was involved in political negotiations.

Finally, this article discusses that Alija Izetbegovic’s Moslem Bosnia was not a secular European vision but a vision for the return of times of the Ottoman Empire when moslems ruled over Christians in Europe.

General Ratko Mladic, the War Criminal
In the previous blog, we have outlined the accepted facts of the Srebrenica case and isolated controversial elements that are being argued by both sides. This blog talks about what the real jihad in Bosnia was.

Let’s Look at What Westerners Involved in Bosnia Said
According to French General Philippe Morillon, the UNPROFOR commander (also published here), the crimes committed by Muslim commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, were so extraordinary that the level of hatred they created were exceptional even by the measures of Bosnia civil war.

He testified at The Hague Tribunal on February 12, 2004, that Naser Oric “engaged in attacks during Orthodox (Christian) holidays and destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants.

This paints the real picture because Srebrenica had witnessed many massacres of Serbian Christians within the surrounding region and the Muslim Bosniak forces were clearly not innocent.

Indeed, it must be pointed out that Bosnian Serb forces allowed Muslim women and others, to flee Srebrenica. Yet clearly the Muslim Bosniak forces cared little about this and many Serbian women, old people, and Serbs in general, were massacred in surrounding villages.

Major-General (Ret) Lewis Mackenzie who is a retired Canadian general also raises serious doubts about so-called “good” and “evil.” In his article called “The real story behind Srebrenica. The massacre in the UN ‘safe haven’ was not a black and white event,” which was published in The Globe and Mail (July 14, 2005), he says:

“As the Bosnian Muslim fighters became better equipped and trained, they started to venture outside Srebrenica, burning Serb villages and killing their occupants before quickly withdrawing to the security provided by the UN’s safe haven. These attacks reached a crescendo in 1994 and carried on into early 1995 .”

General MacKenzie also disputed that Srebrenica ever was an UN Safe area and argued that the demilitarization requirements imposed on both the Serb side (surrounding Srebrenica) and the Bosniak side (inside the enclave) were never fulfilled.

General Morillon comments that “Naser Oric was a warlord who reigned by terror in his area and over the population itself. I think that he realized that these were the rules of this horrific war, that he could not allow himself to take prisoners. According to my recollection, he didn’t even look for an excuse. It was simply a statement: One can’t be bothered with prisoners.”

Morillon also recounts how “the Serbs took me to a village to show me the evacuation of the bodies of the inhabitants that had been thrown into a hole, a village close to Bratunac. And this made me understand the degree to which this infernal situation of blood and vengeance […] led to a situation when I personally feared that the worst would happen if the Serbs of Bosnia managed to enter the enclaves and Srebrenica.”

“I feared that the Serbs, the local Serbs, the Serbs of Bratunac, these militiamen, they wanted to take their revenge for everything that they attributed to Naser Oric.

Again, the comment by Morillon appears to be vindicated by Lord Owen because Lord Owen was clearly worried about the fall of Srebrenica. Lord Owen highlights on page 143 of his book, Balkan Odyssey, that “On 16 April I spoke on the telephone to President Milosevic about my anxiety that, despite repeated assurances from Dr. Karadzic that he had no intention of taking Srebrenica, the Bosnian Serb army was now proceeding to do just that. The pocket was greatly reduced in size. I had rarely heard Milosevic so exasperated, but also so worried: he feared that if the Bosnian Serb troops entered Srebrenica there would be a bloodbath because of the tremendous bad blood that existed between the two armies. The Bosnian Serbs held the young Muslim commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, responsible for a massacre near Bratunac in December 1992 in which many Serb civilians had been killed. Milosevic believed it would be a great mistake for the Bosnian Serbs to take Srebrenica and promised to tell Karadzic so.”

I have given quotes from people who were on the ground and from people who know a lot about the real events of Bosnia and Srebrenica. It would be difficult to claim that Lord Owen, General Morillon, and Lewis MacKenzie, are pro-Serbian or that they are holocaust deniers.

Therefore, it is clear that “the real Srebrenica” is not being told and the same applies to the “hidden Islamic jihad” which took place during the civil war and how ex-President Bill Clinton gave the green light to Islamists from all over the world to enter Bosnia.

Yes, Srebrenica must be remembered and this applies to the thousands of innocent Christians and Muslims who were killed by both sides in and around Srebrenica. However, this Srebrenica must tell the world about the real facts and how this city had a major Bosniak Muslim army which had killed and slaughtered many innocent Christian Serbs.

Lewis MacKenzie comments that “two wrongs never made a right, but those moments in history that shame us all because of our indifference should not be viewed in isolation without the context that created them.”

With this comment in mind and with the complex nature of Srebrenica and the entire civil war; then Ratko Mladic should be seen for what Srebrenica had become and in all wars you have massacres and in Bosnia – just like in all civil wars – many innocents were killed on all sides but this does not mean that history should be re-written and that one side should be blamed for everything when the facts state differently.

Most war crimes and genocides (not all) are of this type.
Two sides develop such intense hatred, due to atrocities by both sides, that when one side wins it massacres the other. Most of the time, the exact same thing would have happened in reverse had the other side won.
Yet these events are usually presented as being due solely to the evil of the winning side, with the losers being purely innocent victims.

As has been reported by the world media, former Bosnian Serb general Mladic was arrested in Serbia.

Mladic was indicted in 1995 by the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, on charges including genocide in connection with the slaughter 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica — the worst massacre in Europe since the Nazi era.

The only problem is, is the accusation correct? Some of the “alternative” truths are here and here.

There are several undisputed facts about Bosnia civil war:
– There were thousands of mujahedeen, mostly from Arab countries that committed attrocities against Serbs (and also Croats), the word was “Christians”. As for the “command responsibility”, the Bosnian leadership was fully responsible for their crimes as they brought them in.
– The US that was claiming “enforcing” the embargo against all participants in the civil war – Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs let mujahedeen volunteers and weapons reach the conflict zone on Bosniak’s side.
– The several “safe heavens” including Srebrenica never met the requirements for their establishment, namely that there be no soldiers, no arms, and especially no attacks of surounding areas emanting from these “safe heavens”.
– Bosniak solders kept attacking neighboring Serbian villages where they were killing women and elderly, not soldiers. Doing this, they were committing war crimes. (Soldiers that commit war crimes are not protected by Geneva conventions and killing such soldiers is not a war crime.)
– Ratko Mladic’s begging for UN peacekeepers to stop that went unaswered. The Bosniaks refused to be disarmed and UN under US pressure did not push for it. Ratko Mladic’s warnings that if not UN then Serbs will stop this attrocities were ignored.
– Bosniak commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, tortured and killed Serb prisoners, soldiers and civilians alike. He openly told western visitors that he is doing it.
– Naser Oric escaped from Srebrenica a few days before the offensive and left his troops to fend for themselves.
– Bosniak soldiers were ordered not to surender but fight their way to Bosniak-held Tuzla and they did so. Many of those soldiers reached Tuzla and many were killed in firefights.
– Ratko Mladic organized busses to transport Bosniak women and children to Tuzla. (Genocide would have been to kill them on the spot.)
– There are mass graves. (But mass graves are in every war as there is no time after a battle to dig a separate grave for each person.)

What is controversial is:
– How many Bosniak soldiers reached Tuzla.
– How many Bosniak soldiers were killed while fighting to get there.
– How many Bosniak soldiers were killed after they surendered.
– How many of the killed Bosniak soldiers did not commit war crimes before and therefore should have been protected as POWs.
– Did Ratko Maldic give orders to kill Bosniak soldiers that surrendered?

My opinion:
– The innocent should not have been killed, by either side
– The POWs should have been protected
– The guilty from both sides should have been brought to justice

What actually happened:
– Americans’ intelligence was attacked by the US government and US media by describing the situation as black and white / angel and evil instead of describing the shades of gray. One side good, the other bad. It does help people form their opinion but not necessarily the correct opinion.
– The bad guys selected were Serbs.
– The US helped global jihadists to gain training and get a foothold in Europe
– The global standing of the US has sufferred. (But do we care?)