What Can We Do Now That Soros Warned Us?

George Soros, billionaire octogenarian, philantropist, a Man who Broke the Bank of England, sponsor of Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe and Arab Spring issued a warning that his activities in the last 2 decades are finally about to culminate in riots and possibly revolutions in the United States and Europe.

He is warning that governments will use this upheaval to limit personal liberties and use force against destroyed middle class (newly poor) which may well succeed thanks to policies that he has been actively supporting in disarming law abiding citizens.

Is there a way to prevent his doom plan?

1. Repeal the last 10 years: Patriot act, TSA, and other measures to make us “safer”.
2. Focus on fixing America, not Iran or Syria. Decrease military spending to 2-3% of GDP (abot half of the current levels but still way more than e.g. China)
3. Care about US economy, not global economy. US is so big that it can survive without the “world”. Trade only in what is necessary, e.g. oil.
4. Elect Ron Paul (because no other US politician will do it). Obama has been financed by Soros so re-electing Obama means Soros’ dream will come true.


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