News from Libya – September 3, 2011

I wish we had such good, democracy-dedicated leaders as Libya!

Abdel-Hakim Belhaj was named the new military leader of largely secular Tripoli. He fought with Al-Qaida in Afghanistan, then led Libyan Islamic Fighting Group with the goal of fighting “all the deviant groups that call for democracy or fight for the sake of it.” Later he was on his own account tortured by CIA that eventually rendered him to Gadhafi who, after Belhaj denounced violence, let him go. Gadhafi, you were too mellow!
The unholly aliance that US forged with Osama in Afghanistan is back. Except this time it is not to defeat an evil empire (that is now US), but for special interest groups to get rich from Libyan oil and post war repairs. And the old revolutionary Belhaj may well cooperate. After all, who wants to be poor?

No, this war was not about oil

“Diplomatic and oil industry sources denied a French newspaper report saying the NTC had agreed in April to give France priority access to 35 percent of Libyan oil in return for its backing.” What were they supposed to say? That yes, we did it?

You don’t fix what ain’t broken

So you break it first in order to get the contracts for fixing it.

“British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he wanted to see a closer trading and economic relationship between Europe and Libya. He also said British companies would not be “left behind” French and Italian rivals in jockeying for new business.”

And there are money to be paid for fixing

By some estimates, Libya has $110 billion in frozen bank accounts and other assets around the world. Most are expected to go to the new government once the United Nations agrees on how to unwind its freeze.”

Obviously, Gadhafi did not run budget deficit and so the bankers decided he had to go. Will the rebels steal all the money for themselves or to finance jihad against US? The latter would be much welcomed by the homeland security industrial complex.

Mission Accomplished

“Yet, no one is firmly in control of the vast swathe of land stretching between Bani Walid, home to Libya’s biggest and most important tribe, the Warfalla, and Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast.”

To attack and masacre population of the town that is a centre of the largest Libyan tribe (1 million people out of 6 milion) is a sure way to built a lasting peace in Libya. Not.


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