News from Libyan Front – August 23, 2011

Finally something is happening again… But what is really happening?!

After more than six months of showing a total incompetence and inability to hold land even with the help of unrelenting “humanitarian” bombing by the militarily strongest countries of the world – US, UK, and France, the “rebels” suddenly defeated Gadhafi and occupied Libyan capital Tripoli. How can that be?

One reason was mentioned in the news: The commander of a battalion defending the city from the west switched sides. But one battalion is not enough. As this Yahoo article says, “the swift military advance of recent days revived questions about the shadowy role of foreign special forces on the ground”. Most likely Egyptian special forces that were reported active since the beginning of Libyan “revolt”. Now that makes sense and fits the character of this Libyan civil war: the rebels are dancing and celebrating a victory won by somebody else.

How does this victory look like?

The US government, namely Obama, is busy “dancing” with the rebels while conveniently “forgetting” that with his help, Al-Qaida got access to advanced weapons including chemical weapons. ‘In particular, we must ensure that Gaddafi’s stockpiles of advanced weapons, chemical weapons and explosives don’t fall into the wrong hands.’ Sure. More weapons in the hands of Al-Qaida will justify more police state, Homeland Security, and weapon sales by the military-industrial complex. And that is a good business!

After a short time being off-air, the TV station is back under Gadhafi’s control. “The network reverted to taped broadcasts of previous pro-Gadhafi gatherings.”

The “rebels” have announced that they captured three Gadhafi’s sons but one of them (Mohammed) escaped and another “arrested” son, Saif al-Islam that was reportedly in rebels’ hands is also in safety.

Saif al-Islam, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who rebels and the International Criminal Court said had been arrested, arrived late on Monday at the Tripoli hotel where foreign reporters are staying. Saif appeared at the Rixos Hotel late at night and spoke to foreign journalists there.

Could they even hold Gadhafi if they managed to catch him?

In the meantime, the fighting in Tripoli resulted in “1,300 people … killed and about 5,000 wounded in fighting in the previous 12 hours”. (It is Gadhafi’s news but that seems more accurate than repeating western mantra that Gadhafi left Libya. Where would he go now that he is indicted by “international community”? He has nowhere to go.

A final word: Gadhafi and Libya may be defeated. After all, it is a tiny, backward nation of 5 million people and it against US, UK, and France. He does not seem to have a chance. But every day he lasts, he is the winner.

Rehearsal for Syria.


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