News from Libyan Front – July 11, 2011

Now French are negotiating with Gadhafi
Sarkozi the “big mouth” has realized that bombs and proclamations (the latter being a strong traditional feature of French national policy) are not going anywhere and that he Sarko will be gone long before Gadhafi will be.

But Obama, another big mouth likes to drop bombs – that lets him forget for the moment that he failed American people with his non-economic socialist policies.

Looks like Sarkozi, Obama, and Turks made a bet on a wrong horse.

There is also a posibility that Sarkozi realized that he cannot prevent Libyan counter strikes in France and is afraid of being blamed for the ensuing mayhem.

So much for a spontaneous Arab Spring.
Saif al-Islam, Gadhafi’s son says that Libyan government is negotiating with France and that “Our envoy to (Nicolas) Sarkozy said that the French president was very clear and told him ‘We created the (rebel)council, and without our support, and money, and our weapons, the council would have never existed. When we reach an agreement with you (Tripoli), we will force the council to cease fire.”


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