War Crimes in Sudan Perpetrated by the US

US-funded, trained, and armed south sudanese tribes are taking advantage of the independence from the North Sudan and are killing and raping weaker tribes in South Sudan. That is financed by $160 million dollars provided by the US in 2012.

“…international rights groups say those soldiers have been responsible for human rights abuses, including killings.
U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, who sponsored a law that prohibits the U.S. from giving assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights, says he is concerned about reports of abuses.”
But what are those “concerns” worth?

“In April, a 700-member battalion of SPLA Commandos — the most highly trained of the SPLA’s fighters — fired indiscriminately on unarmed men, women and children during an attack on a rival ethnic group at a remote Nile River village in Jonglei state, killing or wounding hundreds of civilians, according to witness accounts in a confidential U.N. report.

After an inquiry from Congress, the State Department investigated and found that no U.S. assistance is being given to the two commanders named in the U.N. report or to the commando unit as a whole. The State Department said it would exclude those involved from receiving future assistance until an investigation proves they were not involved in violations.”

When a batallion killes hundreds of civilians, the only US response is that *this particular ballation will not receive more training* from the US but other troops that are just like that will.
And according to the article, Soros’ Open Society Foundation is also involved.

Right in the main training camp staffed by US trainers SPLA is kidnapping and raping women from surounding willages.
“[main traing military camp] New Kush has proven to be a problem for U.N. human rights investigators, who have sought access to the camp for more than two years to follow up on allegations by community members living near the training camp that southern troops had taken young women from the nearby village as “wives” and that rape and other abuses were occurring inside the site.”

If US wanted it investigated, they would get access. The one who finances and trains abusers is responsible for their crimes.

Just wondering, maybe many South Sudanese that fought against the Arab north for the independence would have been better off under those Arabs.

Does it all make sense? Yes, it does. Southern Sudan has huge oil fields that US oil companies will be able to access for almost nothing (very low payments to the South Sudan government).


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