Ron Paul – the Real Anti-War Candidate

There are so many fake antiwar politicians. George W. Bush was anti-war in 2000. Then he started 2 devastating (for the US economy) wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama was antiwar in 2008. Then he started a war in Libya which his own Defence Secretary Gates could not explain why. (There were three Harpies headed by Secretary Clinton that prevailed against more level-headed men in Obama’s government.)

These days more and more Americans are realizing that these computer games-like adventures are starting heavily impacting their lives – taxes, social security and medicare and Medicaid.

And the presidential candidates are responding. At the republican presidential hopefuls debate in New Hampshire, everybody seemed to be against the wars. But are they sincere?

Mitt Romney, the establishment’s and Wall Street front-runner said that he would withdraw the troops from Afghanistan “as soon as possible” but would ask his generals first. Ron Paul who has been against interventionism for his whole life when asked to comment said that would not ASK his generals what to do. As a commander-in-chief, he would TELL his generals what to do.

Obviously, Romney is building an excuse for continuing wars – if his generals tell him to do so. Is this republic run by generals or what!?

What does Ron Paul stand for?
In addition to lowering offensive spending (the term “defense” is clearly a misnomer as no country is even thinking about attacking the United States), he wants to take the power from the Wall Street and Federal Reserve Bank (a private institution with the right to print as many dollars as it pleases and lend them to anybody for any rate including free). For example, money was lent to major firms such as Goldman Sachs at rates as low as 0.01 percent, essentially a free loan to the politically well-connected.”) I wish my credit card rate would be 0%!

This country is in troubles because of huge deficits and debts but what the FED, Wall Street, and establishment republicrat politicians with Obama want as a solution? More debt!

Ron Paul’s answer is “… I will veto any spending bills that contribute to an unbalanced budget. During these tough times, the American people are tightening their belts and making sacrifices to make ends meet. So should government.”

People say why vote for him when he has no chance to win. But he has the chance to win! GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul again took first place in a straw poll at a major conservative gathering. The Republican Leadership Conference held in New Orleans was the setting for Congressman Paul’s latest victory, winning with 40 percent of the vote over the rest of the Republican field. Mitt Romney ended at the tail. This is what happens when people vote their hearts and do not respond to TV advertisements!


  1. Bob D

    Too bad there are so few of us who are truely anti-war. The issue is so important to me, as a conservative I would vote for a Dennis Kucinich if he would bring all our troops home from around the world. I’d rather see the resources of our country pissed away on a welfare state than a warfare state.

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