Will there be a Revolution in Europe? Greek Chapter

Greek citizens are unhappy about their government in the middle of 16% unemployment worrying about fat cats and cutting spending on schools and other things that benefit the middle class. Half of them are opposing the government and are asking for early elections and communists are getting involved.

Greeks should walk away from the debt, just like Americans with ARM mortgages did. Those who lent money to previous Greek governments are as guilty as a drug dealer lending an addict drogs just to be repaid by prostitution or other crime. The addict has an option to go to police and end the thing, but also has to learn living without the drog.
The outcome would be that investors would stop fueling this government debt craze.
What is actually happening is that French and German banks that “smartly” bought Greek debt are now expecting to be bailed out by their respective governments, meaning German and French middle class tax payers.
Those who are criticizing Greeks on this site are siding with banksters…


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