UN Involvement in Ivory Coast

UN says, we f-up in Ivory Coast by supporting the rebels: “The top U.N. human rights official expressed concern on Wednesday over acts of violence allegedly carried out by members of Ivory Coast’s new army, including reports of summary executions, rape and torture.”
There is no need for “alleging” – there are significant French forces on the ground that can confirm it if they just wanted to.

Another member of the U.N. commission, Suliman Baldo, said concern about “one-sided victory justice” was well-founded. “Those who are under investigation currently, either by the military prosecutor or by the civilian prosecutor, are all from the former officials of the government of Laurent Gbagbo,” Baldo told a news conference.

They are just following US example after wars in Balkans (Bosnia and Serbia / Kosovo) by enforcing victor’s justice. Why should it be different in Ivory Coast?

As a reminder, UN troops actively helped these nice “rebels” to defeat the Ivory Coast government of Gbagbo.

Good job, UN. You can be proud of your achievements.


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