Freeloaders – by Patrick Buchanan

Pat Buchanan wrote an article “Fed Up With Freeloaders” but he is off here! Just a few excerpts:

“…America is still carrying 75 percent of the NATO burden for the defense of Europe.” Wrong, there is no military spending focused on Europe, all goes to foreign aggressions motivated by the control for oil fields and military-industrial complex. Europe is spending enough to defend itself from – well from whom, really?

“Germany and Poland are AWOL.” Do you want to say that not being controlled by neocons is wrong? Those countries are more democratic than the US for they respect the will of their citizens, which cannot be said about the US. And look what those adventures did to the US!

NATO was created as a defence against the Soviet Union and it did win the Cold War. Now is the time to disband it. There is no threat to Europe other than from within – the uncontrolled invasion from the Middle East and Africa and NATO cannot help with that.


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