News from Libyan Front – June 6, 2011

Possessed woman deported from Qatar
Qatar, the key Arab force behind the rebels and the conduit of French and British weapons supplies to the “rebels” (in contravention of UN arms embargo resolution pushed by these same countries), providing money and political support to Libyan Al-Qaida (Saudis decidedly staying this out as not to repeat their Al-Qaida support in Afgahistan and elsewhere) deported the “alleged” rape victim of Gadhafi’s soldiers. One would ask, why? She could be an invaluable PR tool in Qatar’s campaign against Gadhafi. One possible answer: Qataris know that the story stinks and do not want to look like fools when the truth come out. So what’s next?

Alleged victim rejected by Qatar but welcomed by HillaryU.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arranged for Iman and their father to travel in a private plane to Washington. Was she not under the protection of “rebels” in Benghazi? Or the good rebels would not have treated her right? How about bloodthirsty Sarkozi or Cameron? No chance…

And so the US offers to play the role of the fool, when nobody else wants to and gives the woman asylum and a free private plane. Must be a very valuable PR tool, indeed. Then why did not Qataris kept her?

Gadhafi has to go, but what if he does not take the advice?
That could be a problem not just for the reelection of Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozi, but also for future profits of the oil companies from their respective countries.

Gaddafi’s government has distributed weapons to a million loyalists and people in western Libya (more secular) have no excitement for being taken over by fundamentalists from the east.

“Our biggest problem even if Gaddafi goes will be the tribal conflicts, which will continue the fighting,” said an American energy executive who declined to be named to protect his investments in Libya. “For all of the companies waiting to resume operations in Libya, it looks like it will be a long wait. Even if the Gaddafi regime falls, the civil war in Libya will continue.” That will impact the planned oil projects, of course.

“He is not a quitter, and his pride is more important than anything else,” said Pierre Bonnard, a business consultant who has been visiting Libya since 2003 and is now trying to promote a peaceful solution to the crisis on behalf of two French oil companies. “If you are imposing something from outside, he will never accept that.”

“The pressure of bombing doesn’t affect the regime much,” said Bonnard, who spends much of his time talking to officials. “They don’t look harassed or threatened, and they seem to sleep quite well.”

Many Western observers acknowledge that a rebel military victory looks unlikely, and say sanctions in themselves are unlikely to topple Gaddafi in a country that lived through similar hardship in the 1990s.

Instead, many people pin their hopes on Gaddafi’s inner circle throwing in the towel, of which there has been little sign so far.

And now the Pesky US Congress is throwing in a Wrench!
Or at least it looks like as the War Party Republicans and Democrats (“moderates”) last week fought off the rising peace wings of their respective parties (“extremists”). They gave Obama a lifeline of 2 more weeks of waging war but then it could be fun if the Congressmen really grow a pair each and send him home to take care of the sorry state of the US economy and huge unemployement. That is a harder problem than throwing bombs on a tiny, backward country that has no means to fight back and may not lead to reelection.


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