News from Libyan Front – May 31, 2011

Cesar Caligula did not need Senate’s approval for his Libyan campaign and neither does President Obama
As Ron Paul says, “Last week, the 60-day deadline for the president to gain congressional approval for our military engagement in Libya under the War Powers Resolution came and went. The media scarcely noticed. The bombings continued. We had a hearing on Capitol Hill on the subject, but the administration refuses to bother with the legality of its new war. It is unclear if Mr. Obama will ever obtain congressional consent, and, astonishingly, it is being argued that he doesn’t need it. … Our presidents can now, on their own, order assassinations, including of American citizens; operate secret military tribunals; engage in torture; enforce indefinite imprisonment without due process; order searches and seizures without proper warrants, gutting the 4th Amendment; ignore the 60-day rule for reporting to the Congress the nature of any military operations as required by the War Powers Resolution; continue the PATRIOT Act abuses without oversight; wage war at will; and treat all Americans as suspected terrorists at airports with TSA groping and nude x-rays.”

No Boots on the Ground in Libya – Must be Wearing Sandals
“Troops Believed to Be British, Are Violating UN Ban. The United Nations resolution calling for a no-fly zone was a useful pretext for the Western air war against Libya, but it came with one very specific restriction: absolutely no ground troops were to be allowed in the country.”
Telegraph is saying that there are western soldiers (“advisors”) both in Benghazi and Misrata.
So the victory in Misrata was not rebels’.

Libyan Generals Are Defecting – or maybe not
“Five generals, two colonels and a major told a news conference in Rome that they fled Libya in protest at the killings of civilians.”
They found a great way how to move legally to Europe so they said what they needed to say. Or would saying that they are afraid of bombs earn them asylum?
“The generals who defected may have been forced out – according to one account, one motive was the rise of younger, more assertive Gaddafi loyalists, many from the leader’s own tribe, in the ranks.” Even Telegraph admits that it is just a propaganda.

Gadhafi’s Military only 20% of the previous strength
“Gen. Halasa also told the news conference that Col Gaddafi’s support was rapidly weakening and his military running at 20 per cent capacity.”
Only 20% and still holding most of Libya? Interesting.

Did the pro-Nato Rebels killed all POWs?
“The rebels are holding about 300 prisoners, including 10 foreigners, according to the top legal affairs official in the newly created National Transitional Council, Salwa Fawzi al-Deghali. … The low prisoner count raises questions about what has happened to the scores of alleged mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa that the rebels earlier reported capturing. The rebels have accused Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi of bringing in thousands of mercenaries, and their fate remains an open question.”
If they did kill them, then Nato countries, whose intelligence services and military advisors are active in rebel territory and therefore must know the truth, would be responsible. How much money is involved that we are involved on the side of these war criminals?
“Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague said he is investigating reports of unlawful arrest, mistreatment and killing of “sub-Saharan African civilians wrongly perceived to be mercenaries.”
He said angry mobs in rebel-controlled Benghazi and other cities are accused of assaulting and killing dozens of them, and perpetrators could be prosecuted for war crimes.”
Don’t hold your breath.


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