Bosnian Jihad – an Alternative View

Ratko Mladic is an accused war criminal. But consider this:

The real Srebrenica Genocide . (Warning: pictures on this linked page may be unsuitable for viewing by some people as they show tortured bodies and heads severed by jihadists.)

It also shows President Clinton attending the unveiling of an Arabic-inscribed monument dedicated to fallen al Qaeda Mujahedeen fighters in Srebrenica-Potocari, Bosnia.

Why is Clinton bowing to this monument?

3,870 Serbian elderly men, women and young children in and around the town of Srebrenica were massacred by Naser Oric’s Moslem forces before Ratko Mladic stopped it.

This article claims that Bill Clinton received $250,000 for his attendance and bow. That would make sense, financially.

Here is more reading on those events for those who want to learn beyond the sound bites served by mass media.

A summary of what is undisputed and what is disputed is here. And this blog writes about some westerners involved say about Srebrenica and Serbs. Generals Morillon and MacKenzie commanded UN peace keeping troops in Bosnia and Lord Owen was involved in political negotiations.

Finally, this article discusses that Alija Izetbegovic’s Moslem Bosnia was not a secular European vision but a vision for the return of times of the Ottoman Empire when moslems ruled over Christians in Europe.


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