News from Libyan Front – May 24, 2011

Time to start a new war, this one is becoming really boring…
Like in Sudan, where the South, supported by the US / West is sitting on oil. While the South has most of the oil, there is also some in the middle disputed area. Why leaving anything to the North?

The way to start a war is to attack one side’s soldiers who then pursue the other side’s fighters, kill a few civilians and give a casus belli for another humanitarian intervention. And here we are:
“The U.N. Security Council, which is visiting Sudan, released a statement Sunday blaming both sides for the violence. It said the south had attacked the convoy of northern soldiers and the north had escalated the confrontation by occupying Abyei.”

In the meantime, our allied revolutionary government of Tunisia continues torturing its opponents, just the different ones. “Acts of torture and abuse carried out in the last weeks of deposed president Ben Ali’s rule continue under the interim government, Agence France-Press reported, citing leading Tunisian rights activist Radhia Nasraoui on Saturday.”

OK, back to Libya.

NATO warplanes are bombing Libyan ships in their ports
in accordance with the UN “no fly” resolution. Very advanced ships, one must say when they can fly. The reason stated is that Libya is using them in their war against the rebels. Did not Lincoln also use government ships against the rebels?
Definitely not to prevent civilian supply ships to bring in food and other goods to Libya and aleviate the suffering that NATO brought to civilians in Libya. Bad civilians, of course, those that are not supporting looters.

“Another government official accused NATO of trying to frighten commercial ships from using ports under the control of the Libyan government. Mohammed Rashid, general manager of Tripoli’s port, said only eight commercial ships had entered the port since the NATO airstrikes began on March 19. The slowdown in shipping could reduce imports and drive up the cost of basic goods for Libyans, he said. This is a continuation of the humanitarian blockade that began before two months, he said.”

Rand Paul wants Senate to do something.
At least vote for the war if that is what the Senators want but no, that is not what they want. They want to make sure that they are not for the war and they are not against the war so it cannot be held against them and would not vote either way. So what are the Senators doing in Washington if all they are doing is abstain? Likely negotiating an increase in the national debt limit payable by you and me to finance their pork.


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