News from Libyan Front – May 13, 2011

French advisors killed by their rebel allies?
“During a police check in Benghazi last night, five French nationals were stopped,” the French foreign ministry said in a brief statement. “One of them was shot and wounded and died during the night in Benghazi hospital.”

Sounds like Afghanistan where “alied” Afghan soldiers and policemen are killing our soldiers.

Guerilla war in the desert
Gadhafi holds oil fields and rebels cannot hold the ground against him where NATO cannot bomb.

Gadhafi is hunkering down
Libyan government is saying that it will not reclaim control of the eastern cities by force (because NATO bombardment made it impossible) but will defend the west from rebels and NATO.

“And now to contain this problem, the local authorities and the tribal leaders decided to form … local brigades to be prepared if there is an invasion,” he said, asked about daily gunfire in the capital.

Boots on the ground would not work well – Falujjah, anybody?


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