Arab Awakening, Democracy, and Mayhem

Everybody in the West seems to be excited about the chaos in Arab countries. And what is their G-spot? The word “democracy”! But democracy without strong principles of individual freedoms is just another form of tyrany, tyrany of majority (51%) over minority. So what does democracy in Arab world mean?

First Arab democracy – Lebanon
Other than some assasinations and rioting, Lebanon is peaceful thanks to an elaborate system of checks and balances and memories of the vicious civil war in the 80s. Elections do not matter much because people largely vote along their religious affiliation. No group has a majority and without it no group can usurp all power, though the 80s experience would suggest otherwise.

Second Arab democracy – Iraq
This democracy was installed by American occupational force. Majority (Shiite) quickly realized the power democracy gives them to control country resources and other groups. “Democracy” in Iraq resulted in mass murder and expulsion of half of Iraqi Christians – Assyrians, Chaldeans and others who have been there since Christ, before moslims and did well under dictator Sadam who kept peace and order.
One of those countries where they found refuge is Syria. Each religious (and in case of Kurds and Turkmens, ethnic) group votes for one of their own. Again, not ideas but ethnicity/religion are key.

Third Arab democracy – Egypt
You can read about stunning Arab Awakening in Egypt and what it does to Egypt’s minority Christians. What did Mubarak do? Kept peace and order.

Forth Arab democracy – Libya
OK, this is an exception. Nobody is pretending that the “rebels” were elected, not even Sarkozi. Who ever heard about Al-Qaida holding elections? But there must be something democratic about the “rebels”… I cannot think of anything right now but it may come later.

Fifth Arab democracy – Syria
The fifth country may be Syria, where Sunnys supported by US and West will expel Syrian Christians (and Christian refugees from Iraq) if they win over Asad.

wrote a good piece
on this topic.

Why can’t US leave dictators who keep peace alone but instead has to bring to power fanatics?


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