News from Libyan Front May 8, 2011

Well, actually not much new is happening there accept for
– back and forth moves by pro- and anti-Gadhafi’s fighters,
– condemnation of US and Western support of rebels by Russia and China that voted in UN to allow it, and
– attempts by the US to steal the money deposited in the US by Libyan government. But who would trust their money to US banks? At least Gadhafi had enough foresight to keep a good deal of his dollars in Libyan banks.
– one fallout of this Arab revolution will be that dictators will stash their money elsewhere. Hard times coming to Switzerland. Or maybe not: dictators’ money in Switzerland will be “frozen” until the ownership can be proven which may take quite a bit as survivors of Jews killed in WWII can attest.

But this one is good:

It is now a crime for countries not to have weapons for targeting their own citizens
“Amnesty International says Gadhafi’s forces may have committed war crimes in Misrata and have used weapons designed for the battlefield and not for residential areas.”


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