Serb Referendum Bid Pushes Bosnia Towards Crisis

Democracy worldwide is a good thing except when those pesky subjects (citizens) reject our supremacy over their affairs.

Dayton affirmed that both parts of Bosnia, Serb and Moslem/Croat combination have autonomy over most of their affairs. The problem is that the Reich Protector (High Representative of UN in Bosnia, typically a Brit) has been dismantling this autonomy step by step and now the Serbs had enough. The empire is rightly concerned about a potential problem – the Bosnian war was a direct result of Moslems forcing an islamic republic on Serbs in 1990. But it is unlikely anything will happen unless the NATO (actually just US and UK and maybe Germans) start something.

And what is the state that the West wants to protect? A state that did not have a government since the election in October 2010. Is it worth preserving?


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