News from Libyan Front 4/30/2011

In Libya, NATO does everything possible to protect children from Kadhafi, like bombing their schools:
Libya disabled children school hit in NATO strike.

Viagra users in US suspect Libyans like it too
US intelligence and military officials are saying that the US ambasador to UN Rice is lying about Libyan troops using Viagra and rape. (Viagra is ususally a tool of physically impotent war mongers.)
More on “Susan Rice’s Viagra Hoax: The New Incubator Babies” here.

How dare Libya does not allow weapons supplies to rebels!
NATO is condemning Libya for trying to stop NATO bringing more weapons and fighters into Misrata, saying Libya should have informed NATO first. Is NATO joking?
‘”We have proven the rebels in Misrata have been gaining weapons from Benghazi, from Qatar and other locations…in the last few weeks. We will not allow this,” he said.’ How dare that Gadhafi is!


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