So the War Was for Oil!

Oil Companies Pushed Britain Over Iraq War in 2002. Trade Minister Lobbied for BP Oil Deals as ‘Reward’ for UK Backing War.

“Incredibly, leaked memos from October and November 2002 show that BP, Shell, and BG (formerly British Gas) all met with then-Trade Minister Baroness Symons, emphasizing how important the acquisition of assets in Iraq was.

Minister Symons told BP in October that it was the Blair Government’s position that British oil companies should be given a share of Iraq’s enormous oil reserves as a “reward” for Tony Blair’s outspoken support for the war. This is, it must be remembered, five months before the war began.”


  1. 1 News From Libyan Front – April 19, 2011 « Empire & War

    […] 500,000 population of this city should be able to mobilize 50,000 men. And they are asking British and French to die for them? Are they cowards … or maybe the Misrata population does not want to die for an islamic republic and that is why the rebels need foreign mercenaries of oil companies? […]

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