An Interesting Interview with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Son of the Libyan Leader

He is right about West using the same approach of spreading lies as in Iraq and Kosovo previously: WMD, 100,000 Albanian men missing and other ‘rumors’ that soon proved just lies. Should we believe Western governments and their ‘independent’ media which lied before and lie now, that they will not lie in the future?

‘You fool me ones, shame on you, you fool me twice, shame on me’. And on everybody who takes the ‘news’ as facts. Because they are not.

Saif on YouTube videos of protesters being shot in Tripoli:
“They played this video, a very famous one. This happened one year ago, in the city of Ras Lanuf. It was summertime, people were wearing T-shirts. And they are talking about winter time. That film was shot one year [ago] in the city of Ras Lanuf. It was a problem between two tribes fighting for a new housing project.”


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