Hague Jails Two, Acquits One Croat General

The Hague Tribunal has sentenced ex-Croat General Ante Gotovina to 24 years in prison and [police] General Mladen Markač to 18. [General] Ivan Čermak was acquitted. In addition, the former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman was called “a key member of a joint criminal enterprize to cleanse some parts of Croatia of the Serb population.”

A short recap:
When Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia and Tudjman started ethnic discrimination against Croatian Serbs, they took up the offer of arms from Milosevic and after a short civil war established a Krajina republic on parts of Croatia where they lived for centuries and were a clear majority. After a few years of peace with UN peacekeepers on the lines while the Croatian army was armed and trained by US generals from Military Resources Incorporated (MRI), the UN peacekeapers withdrew to let the Operation Storm proceed. In this operation, Croatian army led by US advisors of MRI broke through Serbian defences. Serbian army withdrew with almost all civilians, about 250,000 people, towards Banja Luka in Serbian Bosnia. The civilian convoys on cars and tractors were bombed by Croatian military. Only a few thousand Serbian civilians stayed behind, mostly elderly. Of those 100s were killed (the article says 700) and some 20,000 houses were torched by Croatian forces.

The real questions is, why the MRI and retired US generals leading the offensive were not prosecuted under “command responsibility” when they “either knew or should have known” about Croatian plans and on the ground activities.

In the US, when 2 people go for a burglary and one of them kills somebody, the second one is also responsible even though he did not kill nor wanted to kill anybody.

Why those who enabled the crime (US) were left out? Oh, because they finance and own this court and judges.

It is not suprising that Croats from Krajina and bordering areas are angry at the results but that demonstrates that there are no clear good/bad actors in civil wars. Forgot about war crimes committed during and after American Civil War?


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