News From Libyan Front – April 14, 2011

Failed State on its way

NATO headed by US neocons Hillary Clinton and Obama and Cameron with Sarkozi just succeeded in creating a failed state in Libya that will become another Somalia and a breeding ground for Al-Qaida, says Russian president.
And Clinton agrees.

Current conflict is simply a tribal war that would have been over if not for US bombing. Good job messing up!

Paper Tigers

France and UK have showed that they are just paper tigers and while having strong words, cannot defeat a third world country that has 5% of their population.
The gap between military spending and ambitions of little Napoleons is huge.

What Arms Embargo?!

The embargothat US, UK, nad France fought so hard for does apply to US, UK, and France when they want to defeat one party to a conflict. Above the law and giving away money that are not theirs.

US bombing continues despite claims to contrary. Now the bombing is no longer “humanitarian” but “defensive”.


  1. Jamal

    Is about time for the leader of the Democratic Party.., in this case Barak Hussein Obama to dissolve this non functioning political party.

    The social political and Communism economic structure didn’t worked for the Russian people; therefore in hope for a better life for the Russians the USSR was dismantled.., in US however the capitalism is the main system in social political and the economic structure which haven’t and it doesn’t work for people.

    It is not because of the names or the ideological issues behind neither of political structure but rather those whom have influenced the democratic party making sure that system don’t work as it should.., simply the democratic party dose not follow the principals of the wording democracy. For one is the influences of the US militarism regime.., second is the power within the powers of all the governmental department that are based on the connections with US militarism regime and thereby the economical connection to war manufacturer, banks and all other economic institutions that are involved in creating wars. These social assets therefore have become a money making foundation for those whom economic and politic interests are way above the people interests which therefore their primarily involvement is more personal in the matter then securing people interests.

    Third is the US foreign policies and its allies as dictators – militarism regimes – apartheid and tyrants whom enforcing the US to act in terms of protecting these allies.., such an example is Israel or for that matter Saudi Arabia and other Kingdoms’ or if you will tyrants family in middle east and elsewhere…, these allies are also interested in using US mighty army in times when they benefit from such use which therefore the US foreign policy and in terms been under control by the allies or their politicians and others.., at the same time such use of US militarism regimes have boosted the allies political agendas in terms of a political or a economic interests.., yet US been paying the ultimate price using its own people for making sure that they have a ally from Middle East to Balkans. Having said that all these connection are based on what is called a “mutual politics of interests“ which indicates the fact that US is more after controlling the world and lately with help from its allies and therefore US is constantly at war with other nations.

    Here the connections – meeting are always behind closed doors.., and cannot be revealed because of its nature being a secret meeting which is just the opposite of a honest political transparency nor the rules within the principals in democracy. Nonetheless, US or for that matter its allies never been a supporter of a democratic uprising or democratically elected official.., nor they themselves are willing to change to a full functioning democratic system.., unless US himself considering the political momentum by conducting coup d’état helping to put down such uprising., many such examples from Africa to Middle East to south American is well documented in US history. Here the irony is that some of those who have admitted or been proven that they been falsifying documents to start the mayhem still advising presidents and other government officials on similar issues and getting paid big money.

    And finally.., above all is the influence of those which their idea in conjunctions with the US capitalism system have influenced the presidents after presidents and a certain points the US lawmakers to start what is called “Imperial wars” or if you will imperialism., therefore US has been in wars for last 60 years.., yet non of the ideas been achieved nor is going to happen.., simply is a on going wars which seams like a non ending wars then a victorious war which in terms the US militarism regime is the only beneficiary.., from WWII and then Korea and Then Vietnam and etc. US is still at war in 2011. Here the only ones which have benefited from all these wars and crimes against humanity is the US war machinery and those who were and are the architect of these wars .., this growth not only has jeopardized the US principals but to be controlled by those who are called warmongers.., therefore the social infrastructure of a republic or a democratic system has changed to a militarism regime following the interests of the few which has resulted in people giving up their hopes on any government doing anything for the people.., such recent charge is the facts in New Orleans disaster and the BP catastrophic accident in Gulf of Mexico. These situations along with all these wars has created a moment where government has been forced to ignore people by not listening to people nor being able to see what their needs are. Here the result is indicating that: people constantly been losing everything which is the main reason in increased poverty all over the US.

    So what is good in having a democratic party without people being involved in matters that are people matters, like a universal healthcare system , what is good in having a democratic party where the party is not able to fight for its people but constantly at war with another countries, what is so god in having a democratic party where the principals in democracy is ignored by those who call themselves democrats yet not following the principals in democracy, what is so good in having a democratic party when a militarism regime is ruling the party, what is so good in having a democratic party when people are used when their vote and forgotten after, what is so good in having a democratic party when people been lied upon the important issues each and every time a president is elected.

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