News From Libyan Front – April 9, 2011

Gadhafi’s troops are back in Ajdabiya.

Now the rebels are violating the no-fly zone but NATO would not shoot them down, instead it “investigates”.

Egypt’s support for Libyan rebels may peter out as Egyptian military descends into chaos. Most of the Egypt’s military are conscripts and their willingness to shoot civilians is not assured, which is why the Egyptian military junta used special forces this time.

In the meantime, “the coalition” has a plenty of opportunities to protect civilians in their zones of control:

If Qatar wanted to protect lives of civilians from government abuse, they do not need to fly all he way to Libya anymore. They can just bomb their next door neighbor Bahrain which just beat to death 2 pro-democracy protesters in police custody.

And US military could protect civilians in Iraq from the killings by Iraqi government.


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