News From Libyan Front – April 8, 2011

Humanitarian invasion using humanitarian boots on the ground imminent

Clearly, daily supplies of weapons and fresh Libyan rebel fighters by sea to Misrata do not work and white men have to take the responsibility for the destiny of Arabs. If it were not a rasist position promulgated by EU “community” of Brits and French, it would be laughable.

French just can’t accept that they were once kicked out of North Africa. But with all Libyan men armed with at least AK 47s, it won’t be fun for long.

But each fun costs something and this one is not cheap.

A democratic Congressman says that the war activity in Libya costs US billions of dollars per week.

The week of EU & US bombardment and delivery of new weapons to rebels resulted in … rebels being pushed back to Ajdabiya. Where is the ROI?! If it were a private sector, this CEO of the war effort would have been booted already!


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