More News about War Crimes and Attrocities Against Civilian Population in Ivory Coast by UN- and France-supported “Internationally Recognized President” Ouattara

Human Rights Watch said ‘forces loyal to Outtara killed hundreds of civilians, burned at least 10 villages and summarily raped women from an ethnic group perceived to be loyal to Gbagbo.’

“Fighters often targeted people by ethnicity, and the attacks disproportionately affected those too old or feeble to flee,” said a report e-mailed late yesterday by the New York- based group. “Dozens of women were also detained for a day or longer and repeatedly raped.”

Is it necesary to say that it is being committed by followers of the religion of peace? Sarkozi must be proud.

The French were chased away by Gbagbo’s forces in Abidjian.

‘It had appeared several days ago that Mr. Gbagbo was on the verge of defeat but the upscale Plateau and Cocody areas of Abidjan are now fully in the control of his forces.

UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said late on Friday that Mr Gbagbo’s followers had in fact made strong gains.’


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