In Ivory Coast, elderly, women, and children butchered by UN- and France-supported rebels.

Adding to the past masacres, another 100 bodies were found in a rebel controlled city.

“On Friday, the United Nations announced the discovery of more than 100 additional bodies in the nation’s west, in areas that Mr. Ouattara’s forces took as they swept toward Abidjan.

The dead were members of an ethnic group that supports Mr. Gbagbo, and the killings — coming after the deaths of hundreds of people in a western town controlled by forces loyal to Mr. Ouattara — have cast a shadow on Mr. Ouattara’s beginnings as president.

‘The reports that the U.N. human rights team in Côte d’Ivoire are sending back are utterly horrifying,’ the United Nations’ human rights commissioner, Navi Pillays, said in a statement.
‘They are finding more bodies every day,’ she said, noting that more than 100 were found in the towns of Duékoué, Blolequin and Guiglo.”

What is more horrifying is that UN and France are directly responsible through “command responsibility” by helping those perpetrators.

‘The United Nations said Blolequin was now a “dead town,” with its population gone, and the town thoroughly looted.

Some of the victims appear to have been burned alive, and some bodies had been thrown down a well, a United Nations spokesman said in Geneva. Human Rights Watch also found evidence of “heinous violence” by troops allied with Mr. Ouattara on a trip to the region, a researcher for the organization, Matt Wells, said Friday.

In one case, 20 elderly and immobile people from the pro-Gbagbo Guerre ethnic group were executed, and in Duékoué, fighters loyal to Mr. Ouattara pulled men and children out of homes “and executed them at point-blank range,” Mr. Wells said.’

Sarkozi must be proud.

Are French and UN losing in Abidjan?

Forces loyal to Mr. Gbagbo have also regained ground in Abidjan and taken control of the neighborhoods of Plateau and Cocody, the United Nations peacekeeping chief, Alain Le Roy, admitted late Friday afternoon.

In another sign France and UN are losing, Gbagbo’s RTI television, silent since french and UN bombardments earlier this week, came back on air broadcasting an appeal for resistance.


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