Ivory Coast Muslim Rebels Killing Christian Members of Gbagbo’s Ethnic Group in Abidjan

War Crimes by Rebels

Ouattara’s troops have already killed at least 1,000 civilians in western Ivory Coast. Now they are going door to door in Abidjan searching for members of Mr. Gbagbo’s ethnic group in an ominous cycle of vengeance and retribution.

Who are the rebels in Ivory Coast?

‘Mr. Ouattara’s army is a ragtag collection of former rebels from the 2002 uprising that split the country, fighters from independent militias and defectors from Mr. Gbagbo’s forces. Northern Ivory Coast has been a virtual independent state since the civil war, under the sway of 10 rebel commanders who have run the region as a quasi-racketeering enterprise that “resembles a warlord economy,” a United Nations group of experts concluded in 2009. The men under those commanders “have spent years doing exactly what they wanted in the north. They are going to continue,” said Mr. Banegas.’

Command responsibility

The principle of “command responsibility” makes the “little Napolen” guilty of war crimes. Will he see his day in a court one day?


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