News from the Libyan Front – April 6, 2011

New Arab regimes will be less able to restrict Al-Qaida

Awlaki’s assessment of the weakening of the counterterrorist capabilities of states like Egypt, Yemen, or Libya is a warning that al Qaeda is adapting to the new environment that is emerging in the Middle East and North Africa.

‘For Awlaki, the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak is the jihadists’ biggest victory in Egypt since the assassination of Anwar Sadat 30 years ago.

America is “already an exhausted empire” that will have to spread itself thin to fight jihad in new battlefields. The American homeland will be more vulnerable, al Qaeda believes, as the United States gets sucked into more “bleeding wars” in Arabia and North Africa.’

Libya says NATO air strike hits major oil field

NATO is hitting oil fields in Libya and Gadhafi is likely doing the same to oil fields under rebel control to prevent them from buying weapons.

While Libyans are inflicting a total destruction on their own country, western firms must be salivating. Total destruction will require total rebuilding worth tens of billions and where there is oil, there are money to pay for it. Isn’t providing ‘humanitarian planes’ spreading destruction a bit self-serving?

We want to bomb more but cannot find targets

It looks like there are limits to the close air support (bombing of ground forces) that NATO can provide the Libyan rebels.

Gadhafi’s troops adjusted to bombing raids with new tactics and while the rebels are angrily asking for more bombing, French are apologizing that they cannot bomb more because they cannot find targets.

“The military capabilities available to Qaddafi remain quite substantial,” said a senior Pentagon official who watches Libya. “What this shows is that you cannot guarantee tipping the balance of ground operations only with bombs and missiles from the air.”

‘The harder question is how NATO will respond to the changed tactics of the Qaddafi forces, which now seem to have achieved a stalemate against the combination of Western air power and the ragtag opposition army.’

Sadly, the answer is clear – “boots on the ground“. I just wonder which ruler will be dumb enough to send his country’s soldiers into this pit, Obama or Sarkozi?

More gains for Al-Qaida

Algeria is again warning that the rebelia in eastern Libya is strengthening Al-Qaida in Libya and bringing chaos to Sahara region. In addition, it stressed its opposition to foreign military intervention in Libya.

“From our point of view, anything which continues for a long time, like violence, like war, will delay a return to stability in this brotherly nation (Libya) and there will certainly be repercussions for the stability and security of the region,” [Algerian Deputy Foreign Minister] said. “So we, as a neighboring country, want to see a quick return to a solution which is of the Libyans, by the Libyans and for Libya.”


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