News From Libyan Front – April 7, 2011

Finally a hit!

Nato has finally found a target! It was the rebels but the hit was good.

‘”Down, down with NATO,” one fighter shouted as dozens of rebel vehicles raced eastward from the front, toward the rebel-held city of Ajdabiya.

Later, hundreds of cars poured out of Ajdabiya toward the de facto rebel capital, Benghazi, amid fears that pro-Gadhafi forces could use the disarray among rebel units to advance along the Mediterranean coastal road that serves as the lifeline for both sides.’

They ran so fast they did not even have a time to pick up the injured and dead, so the precise casualties are unknown.

A small exercise in logic: When NATO only bombs those that are killing or threating to kill civilians AND they hit rebels, that means the rebels are killing civilians.
Another explanation could be that NATO is taking sides in the civil war, but that cannot be!

No boots on the ground

As this blog said before, American soldiers in Libya will have to walk bare foot. Or will they get a new footwear that will not be called “boots”?

“The United States may consider sending troops into Libya with a possible international ground force that could aid the rebels, according to the general who led the military mission until NATO took over.” [Army Gen. Carter Ham]

Well, that was the plan all along, wasn’t it? But Libyan cities will not be fun for barefoot US soldiers for sure.

Use of Human Shields

The complaints however, center around Gadhafi’s tanks in Misrata being “dispersed” across the city and inside the city, where the fighting is and where the population is. Though the allegation of human shields sounds dramatic, all it really means is that NATO is mad the tanks aren’t all clustered together in the desert, making them sitting ducks for air strikes.

Credibility War

“There is the credibility argument. Having demanded the ouster of Gaddafi, how can the U.S. allow him to survive? – Washington should not go to war whenever a U.S. official says something stupid.

Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be playing the little Napoleon to help his reelection campaign next year. Let him do it.


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