France Victorious in Ivory Coast’s Civil War

France and UN finally admitted what was obvious for so long: the rebels armed and trained by France could not win without an open military intervention. What did it prove? That France is stronger than some jungle people or that Ouattara does not have enough popular support?

The “military” targets attacked by UN and France included, among others, the state TV!

“The 65-year-old former history professor dug in, using state television to disseminate historic footage of France’s past abuses in Africa, presenting Ouattara as a foreign puppet, and attempts to install him as an international conspiracy led by France and the U.N.”

How could anybody say such a thing! How shocking!

“Many people in Abidjan have not left their homes since last Wednesday, when Ouattara’s fighters arrived on the perimeter of the city, and heavy clashes ensued.”

Sounds like Ouattara’s forces are threatening civilians, not Gbagbo.


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