News from the Libyan Front

Let’s start with lies:
So according to the UK government, Koussa is not a defector after all and he does not want to cooperate with the British government investigators while “he is not being interrogated”. But if he is not a defector, what is he and how has he ended up in UK? And why is he being hidden from journalists? One likely answer is here. Sounds like another lie worth Goebbels.

More lies:
The decision to arm and train Libyan rebels that would direcly contradict the UN SC resolution and the arms embargo that the US and UK are “enforcing” in Libya has not been made yet, according to the US and UK governments. At the same time, Independent is reporting that ‘consultants”, ‘engineers’, and ‘advisors’ (military officers that just happend to ‘retire’) speaking with English and Scottish accents are swarming rebel-held Libya.

Al Jazeera reports that US and Egyptian special forces have been training rebel fighters and Egypt has been shipping advanced, heat-seeking Katyusha rockets to rebels. The origin of these rockets is unknown, which likely means the US or UK. Did I just mention that US forces are on the ground in Libya? Of course, that is not possible because Obama said ‘no boots on the ground’ and Gates said no ground forces ‘as long as I am in this job.’ Maybe he has just resigned? And maybe all US covert personal in Libya works barefoot now?

As Al Jazeera said, “There is also the question of whether or not the outside world should arm the rebels, when in fact they [rebels] are already being armed covertly.”

Adding to what this blog has previously reported about the US and UK helping Al Qaida in Libya, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the hardened Al-Qaida veterans of jihad from Guantanamo and Afghanistan are traning recruits against Gadhafi to help “democratic rebels”. So now we know what jihad is about – bringing democracy to the Arab world.
Is the US government collaborating with Osama again or is it just an incompetence? Both possibilies are very plausible.

And finally, the ‘oh so good’ rebels have been not so. Another British newspaper is reporting that anti-Gadhafi mujahedeen are executing “suspected” opponents without any legal process and if they are black they stand no chance. The killed include patients in hospitals.

“The full extent of revenge killings in eastern Libya is unknown. Near the coastal city of Darna, locals say they discovered a heap of bodies in the badlands south of town, where at least a dozen men appeared to have been executed with gunshots to the head. But the circumstances of those deaths remain unclear.

Doctors at four rebel-controlled medical facilities say they struggled – and failed on at least one occasion – to prevent mobs from killing patients accused of loyalty to Colonel Moammar Gadhafi.”

As this blog mentioned elsewhere, US support for those who commit atrocities makes the US government figures personally responsible war criminals.

Now some people who were on the ground are saying that Gadhafi IS better than rebels.

‘Santosh Chauhan, a laborer, told The Telegraph that under Qadhafi, he got good food and wages. “Then these protesters came… They spread arson and looting,” he said. Other returnees agreed. They talked not about democracy but looted money, mobiles and automobiles.”‘

But who is he to know?


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