Lies, Damn Lies, and Presidential Statements

In politics, there are lies, damn lies and presidential statements.

From the beginning, the “no-fly” zone was shown to be a farce. American missiles and aircraft attacked not just air defense systems, but infrastructure, convoys, tanks, Libyan government forces — and Gadhafi’s residences. Filling the Libyan sky with U.S. bombs, the president insisted that while Gadhafi “must go,” he was not a target. If this is indeed a just war, then all the leaders of the enemy nation should be targets. The fact that President Obama has been so circumspect about this issue just makes it all the more clear that this is not a just war.

Whether or not the Libyan rebellion is dominated by al-Qaeda, Islamists, or any other terrorist or anti-American group is not the point. The point is that the United States does not know. Once again our ignorance of local conditions in a foreign nation, particularly the Middle East, hasn’t deterred American politicians from making stupid decisions about policy. And so – once again — American diplomatic ignorance and hubris will make enemies, sow chaos and discord, and result in the death of innocent people.


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