Ivory Coast Masacres by Muslim Forces Supported by France, US, and UN Continue

Pro-Outtara muslim fighters supported by UN (specifically by US and France) were “accused” of many attrocities during civil war about a decade ago. Now that they are invading south of Ivory Coast (christian), they are perpetrating mass murders of civilians.

Must be making muslim Obama proud.

Command Responsibility
ICC in Hague established a doctrine of “command responsibility” which means that whoever arms and supports those who commit attrocities is guilty of them. It has been applied to wars in Balkans in 90s and elsewhere. According to this “command responsibility”, Outtara, Obama, and Sarkozi are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. And Hillary too.

“FDS positions were attacked by hordes of mercenaries, supported by ONUCI (UN mission) soldiers and Licorne,” he said, referring to the French troops stationed in the former French colony.


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