Another Murderer Joins Western Coalition

Libya’s foreign minister defects.

Koussa joins Gadhafi’s former Justice and Interior ministers and turns his back on Gadhafi, or so it is reported. (For those Americans who may think that an interior mnister in Libya is responsible for desert parks, well he is not.)

Koussa served as intelligence chief for 20-plus years before Gadhafi elevated him to his current post in 2009. He had a reputation as a ruthless and bloody loyalist to Gadhafi. Koussa was known as Gadhafi’s “envoy of death” during the 1980s, when his intelligence service was working with other terrorist groups — including Abu Nidal and the Irish Republican Army — and engaging in assassination attempts against Libyan dissidents around the world, some of which were successful. The British Foreign Office expelled him from the Libyan embassy in London in 1980 after he approved the killing of two U.K.-based dissidents.


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    […] Al Qaida, Libya Let’s start with lies: So according to the UK government, Koussa is not a defector after all and he does not want to cooperate with the British government investigators, while […]

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